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Friday, November 30, 2012

No Christmass Break for D.C. Folks!

With the "Fiscal Cliff" approaching the President and Congress needs to suck-it-up and try to act like leaders not politicians. 

The voters just decided to give the President another chance to lead by voting him back in.  The Voters also just decided to keep the House in Republican hands as a check and balance to the Democratic Senate.

The voters did not give either party or the President a free hand at determining our countries future.

If we can have a military working over the holidays thousands of miles away our elected officials in D.C. should do no less.  It is probably OK to take Christmas afternoon off for a Christmas meal and celebration in the Capital.  Other than that they all should be working to fix the problem they and those before them created.  The work week should be six and one half days a week twelve hours a day till the fix the problems.  No more short term fixes.

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