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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Age 34 and younger to sign up and pay for the AHCA

Our house and senate has decided that folks basically under 34 need to fund health care for all. 

In the past this age group paid lower rates or opted for no insurance. 

Thanks to the Senate and House this age group will now start picking up a large portion of everyone's health care.

Until 2016 (2yrs) for those not taking insurance the penalty tax is not much, after this it starts to hurt.

Finally the IRS will make sure the tax is paid by subtracting it from your tax refund and if you have no refund they will bill you directly. 

Failure to pay will probably cost you additional penalties and monthly interest.

So make sure you thank your democratic, republican and independent senators and congress men/women.

Remember it is our fault for electing folks that are not caring out our wishes.

If you wish to replace some or all do it through the election process.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I want to remind everyone there are two houses of congress and basically three parties democrats, republican and independent (I will call them a party). 

None are doing their job in the house or senate.

We the people elect our individual congress men/women and our senators, they in-turn elect the majority and minority leadership in both houses.  Our elected folks are not choosing wisely!  If they can not elect good leadership what makes us think they can pass good laws and spend our money wisely?

The leadership (all parties) our folks have elected over the past five to nine years have pushed us in to our current financial situation.  It is time for a change!

We need to insist the folks we elect and send to D.C. stop electing old guard leadership.  Experience in the old way of doing things is not working or what we need. 

We need to elect folks in their second term maybe third but not beyond that.  The old way is stagnating D.C. and hurting the rest of the country.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Speaker of the House Needs a Lesson in Leadership

Speaker of the House Needs a Lesson in Leadership.  Leaders praise in public and criticize in private.  Washington politics has lost its focus.  It is what is good for outside the beltway not inside! This fact has been forgotten by all parties inside the beltway.  There is no leadership in the senate or the house either in the majority or minority parties.  Oh we also need to add the independents in here as well they are not putting the country first either.