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Monday, September 15, 2014

Power Outage Continued!

Last night we had a two hour power outage and it made me think even more. 

  1. I am on oxygen at night so a power outage means switching to my emergency oxygen bottle which will last about four hours.  Four hours is just enough for a recharge to my blood stream, but if the outage lasted another night I could be in trouble.
  2. In our motor home I will have solar panels, 1000 watt pure sine inverter and a battery bank so I can keep my oxygen concentrator and CPAP going for a few more days.  Plus it has a generator that could add a few more days if needed.
  3. If the weather gets cold out I could be in trouble.  I only have enough propane for a few days so the heater in our motor home is only good for a few days before I am out of propane.
  4. I have just over a 30 day supply of meds.
  5. Big problem with the motor home it is currently in the shop so I really have no backup right now.
Now back to the house last night.
  1. Once we flush a toilet it can stop working if no more water is in the tank to force the flushing action.  We have a bucket and trash bags thankfully we did not need to use this.  We could also dig a pit in the back yard but the city would not be happy with us.
  2. Water, we only have about 8 gallons of water so for two of us it could last up to 3 days.  If we use a gallon in a bucket to flush the toilet each time it will go much quicker.
  3. We also had to remind each other not to open the refrigerator till morning.  You only get about two quick openings before you lose the cool air.  With the freezer you may get several quick openings because of the ice build up.
What if this outage would last several days?

How would it be at work?  Would you go in? Just some quick food for thought.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Disaster & Power Outage

Disaster and power outage at the area, state, regional or national level would be very disruptive have you thought about it?  Have you planned for it?  How will your business respond?  Your employees?
These are some of the questions you as a supervising manager need to address.

  • Loss of power effects nearly everything.
  • Cell phones need power to turn on.
  • Cell towers need power to work.
  • Computers need power to run.
  • Old fashion landlines (the old dial phone lines in homes) probably would still work because they had their own low power source.  But who has these any more?
  • How many organizations have a plan to use runners/messengers to keep communications open?
  • How many organizations have plans with ham radio operator groups?
  • If you have a generator how long will it run with the fuel you have?  When did you last test it?  Will you leave it on twenty four seven or only a few hours a day to conserve fuel?  Do your people know this plan?
  • Electric gates and bridges will not work unless there is a manual procedure.
  • Gas Stations can not pump fuel if there is no power.
  • Will your people even come in or will they stay home and try to help their families?
  • Use of vehicles will be short lived unless they can get fuel.
  • If the weather is hot do your windows open for ventilation?
  • If the weather is cold will your heaters work?  If blowers or other electrical devices are used the answer would be no.  How will you keep warm?
  • How will people get water?
  • How will they know where to go to the bathroom once their toilets backup and they will?  This is a big health issue.
  • Where will they get their food?  Can they cook it?  How will they clean their dishes.
  • Can the organization operate in these conditions?
These are just a few questions the organizations need to address and train their people on if they want to stay operational.  You may say we do not need to help them plan individually as well.  If you do not they will not be coming into work.  It is too late after an outage to share your plan no one will be there to hear it.  Remember the government can not be everywhere and many areas will be on their own during times like this.

Please feel free to discuss and add meaningful comments.

Are Supervising Managers Preparing Their Organization?

Are supervising managers preparing their organization for a disaster?

I listened to the news this morning about possible attacks on our power grids?  Over the next few week we will cover some different types of disaster's.  We will ask the question "How Prepared Are You".  Run some scenario's and more.

First post in a day or two.